Achievements, Accomplishments, Skills

2013 – 2017:

  • Two consecutive terms with the honor to serve as your mayor
  • Proven leadership with diplomacy
  • Committed to Farmington as a member of City Council for 6 years
  • Fiscal responsibility and oversight of budget
  • Fresh Thyme Market
  • Groves Street redevelopment
  • Oversight of transitions of key city administrators
  • Great Lakes Ace Hardware
  • Freedom Plaza
  • River Walk Farmington – Flanders
  • Sidewalk and Road Improvement Ad Hoc Committee – projects underway
  • Orchards Phase II
  • Farmington Public Schools Building and Site Utilization Committee
  • Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Downtown Development Authority Board Member
  • Beaumont Farmington Hills Community Advisory Board
  • Goodfellows Volunteer
  • Southwest Oakland County Cable Commission Board Member
  • Creation of Parking Advisory Committee
  • Historic Warner Mansion Repairs
  • South Oakland County Mayor’s Association member




Prior to 2013:

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” – Albert Einstein

Recently the City of Farmington completed its Visioning Plan.  This was a significant civic engagement project that lasted about six months and involved hundreds of citizens and volunteers.  When it comes to new, innovative ideas for the future, Farmington’s citizens defined  our future.

Some of those ideas have already come to fruition such as the new ice rink in Riley Park this winter.  Other ideas are close to happening.  The Maxfield Training Center is for sale.  This pivotal piece of real estate has been referred to as “Downtown Farmington’s redefining master stroke.”

However, we should not limit ourselves.  We must revisit old ideas and challenge ourselves to constantly dream of new ones.  We need to continually study while actively implementing.

Implementation takes money.  Therefore, at the top of my list of innovations is a permanent funding source for our Capital Improvements Fund.  Here are other ideas that I would like to implement in Farmington:

  • Permanent Funding Source for Capital Improvements.  Our Capital Improvements Fund keeps our city’s infrastructure running.  It is used to pay for snow plows, sidewalks, repairs to city property and other large projects.  I support reallocating newly recaptured tax revenue and dedicating it to the Capital Improvements Fund.  This would create a permanent funding source for new and ongoing capital improvements with no millage increase.
  • Establishing a three year balanced budget.  This will promote outside investment in our city, illustrate financial health and allow us to maintain city services in the long term.
  • Community Bike Sharing.  Part of our Visioning Plan included expanding bike paths.  A community bicycle sharing program would compliment those projects.  This is a program where the city would purchase bicycles for residents to use on an hourly or daily basis.  Think of a library for bikes.  You would register and check out a bike for a period of time.  Programs like this successfully exist in Europe.
  • Free Wi-Fi for Downtown Farmington.  This is a competitive necessity for the 21st century.  Free Wi-Fi (with safe filters) in the 21st century is the technological equivalent of adding street lights 100 years ago.  We need to be the first downtown in southeast Michigan to offer this service for our residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Urban Forestry Management.  This will be an important safety and infrastructure maintenance program.  Many of our trees have been afflicted by various diseases.  Old trees provide beautiful shade and charm.   But they also pose threats in a wind storm and attack our sidewalks and sewers with their roots.  An urban forestry program would inventory and address the most serious problems.  This would contribute to a healthy ecosystem and improve our quality of life.
  • Facilities and Public Land Use Analysis.  Appropriate land use is incredibly important to a community’s success.   We need to make sure public land is positioned for the best and highest use going forward in the 21st century.  As a follow up to our Visioning Plan, I support an analysis of public facilities and land use for 21st century needs.  This analysis needs to consider items such as green infrastructure, placemaking, equitable economic development, public health, the built environment, transit needs, water quality and tax efficient use of public land and facilities.

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