About Bill Galvin

Bill Galvin is the current Mayor for the City of Farmington.  He has served the citizens of Farmington as mayor, mayor pro tem and a member of City Council for over six years since September 27, 2011.   As the current mayor he has the privilege and honor to serve the citizens for two consecutive mayoral terms 2013-15 and 2015-17.

As a member of Farmington’s City Council Mr. Galvin has participated on various committees and boards including the Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce, Farmington Hills Beaumont Community Advisory Council, Retiree Healthcare Board of Trustees, Southwest Oakland County Cable Commission, the Farmington/Farmington Hills Joint Task Force, South Oakland County Mayor’s Association and the F2H Fit Challenge.  Previously Mr. Galvin was a member of the joint Farmington/Farmington Hills Commission on Aging for the benefit of our senior citizens.

After graduating from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 1989, Mr. Galvin began his professional career as an insurance agent and financial advisor.  His firm is located in Novi, MI.

Bill and his wife Shari grew up in Farmington Hills where they met.  In fact, he was the local paper boy who delivered The Detroit News to the home of his future wife.  The Galvin’s have lived in Chatham Hills Subdivision with their children Brittany and Brian since 1998.  Brian is a currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan.  Like his father, Brian is active in community service at U of M.  He is a non-paid intern for Coach Jim Harbaugh and the UM football team and also serves on the executive board for the Freshman Business Club.  Brittany graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in mathematical and statistical science.  She currently lives in Royal Oak and is employed as a strategic analyst for Digitas LBI, a global digital marketing firm.  Bill and Shari are extremely proud of them and acknowledge that growing up in Farmington contributed to their experiences and success.

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