My Campaign Finances

Throughout the 2017 campaign for City Council one topic has not been explored.  Campaign finance.  I would like to state my position for your consideration on Tuesday November 7th.

 I’m pleased to see that citizens are paying closer attention to campaign financing.  How a campaign is financed is an important factor in determining where to cast your vote. 

I have signed the reporting waiver with Oakland County.  It is on file and available to the public.  This waiver means I cannot spend or receive in excess of $1,000 for the 2017 election.  By the time the campaign is completed next week my self-funded expenses will be under $900.

I have respectfully declined offers for financial contributions.  I adhere to Farmington’s traditional non-partisan elected volunteer approach.  It is important to me to take a seat on our council free of all inducements, regardless of their intention.

Instead, I have asked supporters to place a sign in their yard or knock on their neighbor’s door to share their support for me and Farmington.

 I have sat in City Council’s non-partisan seat for six years representing our community without any financial influence.  With your vote on November 7th, I will continue this tradition of unbiased, non-partisanship to represent you. 

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