My Campaign Finances

Throughout the 2017 campaign for City Council one topic has not been explored.  Campaign finance.  I would like to state my position for your consideration on Tuesday November 7th.

 I’m pleased to see that citizens are paying closer attention to campaign financing.  How a campaign is financed is an important factor in determining where to cast your vote. 

I have signed the reporting waiver with Oakland County.  It is on file and available to the public.  This waiver means I cannot spend or receive in excess of $1,000 for the 2017 election.  By the time the campaign is completed next week my self-funded expenses will be under $900.

I have respectfully declined offers for financial contributions.  I adhere to Farmington’s traditional non-partisan elected volunteer approach.  It is important to me to take a seat on our council free of all inducements, regardless of their intention.

Instead, I have asked supporters to place a sign in their yard or knock on their neighbor’s door to share their support for me and Farmington.

 I have sat in City Council’s non-partisan seat for six years representing our community without any financial influence.  With your vote on November 7th, I will continue this tradition of unbiased, non-partisanship to represent you. 

2017 Endorsements

I have received many endorsements among the greater Farmington community for this year’s campaign.  It is important to continue collaboration for the greater good with our colleagues in Farmington Hills and Farmington Public Schools.  Thank you for endorsing my campaign in 2017:

Ken Massey, Mayor of Farmington Hills

Valerie Knol, form Mayor of Farmington and current Farmington Hills Council Member

Richard Lerner, Farmington Hills Council Member

Terry Johnson, Farmington Public Schools Board of Education Trustee and Farmington resident

Jim Stark, Farmington Public Schools Board of Education Treasurer and Farmington resident

Terri Weems, Farmington Public Schools Board of Education Vice President

Thank you for your endorsement and for your service to our community!


Thank you Farmington!

Success!  Elected to a Four year term! Thank you Farmington for your support and confidence!


5 of 5 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Greg Cowley
21.39% 1,298
Bill Galvin
23.27% 1,412
Erica G. Reaves
18.42% 1,118
Jeff Scott
27.86% 1,691
Matthew Christian Wayne
8.73% 530
0.33% 20

Endorsed by the Farmington Observer!

10/10/2013 from The Farmington Observer:

“Galvin is on the right path for what must be done to maintain the city’s health. In particular, Galvin hit the nail on the head in his support of a permanent source of funding for the city’s capital improvements, a multi-model transportation/walking plan and an interesting urban forestry program, as well as a wi-fi system for downtown.”

Taxable Value Projections

Taxable Value Projections

SEMCOG released Taxable Value projections. This emphasizes the challenges SE Michigan communities face. We are starting to recover financially. However, communities still have to climb out of a deep valley from the past five years of property taxable value decreases.